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Sorry this blog has been so useless, posting something soon. A lot better than this. Hard to believe it’s possible, I know.

Sorry this blog has been so useless, posting something soon.
A lot better than this. Hard to believe it’s possible, I know.

Anonymous asked
Hi, is it possible with Cinelerra to track four points in a video, and render an other video using those four points as corners? Thanks!

No, but it is possible (and easy) to do in Blender 2.61. I’m assuming you want something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zJyQ35UtjY

Anonymous asked
how do i add patches to cinelerra? i am running a 64bit install of ubuntu maverick

Is it a source code patch or a binary patch? Binary patches are typically just the ol’ untar and overwrite existing files routine, and source code patches are similar but depending on the program and what’s being patched, the method differs quite a bit. Can you send me a link to the patch so I can see what kind of patch it is?

A Brief Update (About Cinelerra)


I know many of you have recently subscribed to me (or started “following” me) because of my post about Cinelerra. Well, I have some good news and some okay news (a.k.a. bad news). I will no longer be writing any new articles about Cinelerra on this Tumblr account or any Tumblr account, however, I will be writing articles and tutorials about Cinelerra for TildeHash.com and I will post links and summaries of them on this Tumblr account.

I went looking for a way I could write articles AND give them a lot of publicity, in order to help Cinelerra become more popular and bust all the myths told about the amazing piece of Free Software that is Cinelerra. Jacob Barkdull with TildeHash.com just made that possible.

I will likely start with an improved version of my motion tracking tutorial, and then an article busting some myths. First the pages need to be built, then information needs to be written, I’m working with Jacob to get this done as fast as possible. You can bookmark this page for later: http://www.tildehash.com/cinelerra/

It’s not done yet, but that’ll be the pages URL. I’ll try to get http://cinelerra.tildehash.com/ if he’ll let me have that. Thanks everyone for following me.


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