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BROWN?! Brown? Really, Ubuntu’s Brown?



I can not believe how many people think Ubuntu’s brown, Ubuntu is not brown! It’s ORANGE!

Go ahead, if you’re running Ubuntu right now, open Nautilus and compare the title-bar color to the different shades of orange to the left.

Different shades of orange do look brown, I’ll give you that, but, more lighter shades of orange are used in Ubuntu than the darker ones. Here are a few examples.

Nautilus at any given time will have more orange than any other color, excluding white and gray.

The Ubuntu logo. Here we have two shades of orange, and one dark shade of a reddish-orange. Some would say that there is a shade of yellow in there, well, it’s more of a very light orange, or yellowish-orange, but it’s still orange.


Normally used for updates, also orange. For critical updates it’s a red arrow pointing down, with an exclamation point on it.

A few Ubuntu icons. The folder there is orange, the SD card or floppy there is orange, same as the CD label.

And here are a few shades of brown…

So yeah, Ubuntu, definitely not brown.

I hope you all’ve learned a valuable lesson, which is: orange is different than brown, and Ubuntu is orange.

Some wallpapers included in Ubuntu are brown, but, the wallpapers don’t make the distribution.

Thank you.

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