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Rename GIMP

With the up coming release of GIMP 3.0, I think that GIMP should be renamed to simply “Wilber.” Though it would no longer be an acronym for “GNU Image Manipulation Program”, but it would totally eliminate any possibly offensive terminology in exchange for a name everyone can love, especially the young, and it would give GIMP a chance at the big times.

It only makes sense for GIMP 3.0 to be the version for a name change. With new exciting features, polished UI, and a name like Wilber. “GIMP” could go far.

Commercial industries would be willing to pick it up and use it without worrying about something as simple as the name offending people, or sounding unprofessional. CinePaint does okay in that area, granted it does have a few good features for professional image and video editing over GIMP, but the name didn’t hold it back, and that’s what GIMP needs right now.

To really develop faster, GIMP needs the big guys using it, and contributing to it, right now most of them won’t even touch it, let alone contribute to it.

Does anyone want to second a GIMP rename for 3.0?

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