I am a musician, a taker of pictures, a rider of bikes, a father to plants, and roller of skateboards (no tricks). And I advocate Free Software and GNU/Linux.


A Brief Update (About Cinelerra)


I know many of you have recently subscribed to me (or started “following” me) because of my post about Cinelerra. Well, I have some good news and some okay news (a.k.a. bad news). I will no longer be writing any new articles about Cinelerra on this Tumblr account or any Tumblr account, however, I will be writing articles and tutorials about Cinelerra for TildeHash.com and I will post links and summaries of them on this Tumblr account.

I went looking for a way I could write articles AND give them a lot of publicity, in order to help Cinelerra become more popular and bust all the myths told about the amazing piece of Free Software that is Cinelerra. Jacob Barkdull with TildeHash.com just made that possible.

I will likely start with an improved version of my motion tracking tutorial, and then an article busting some myths. First the pages need to be built, then information needs to be written, I’m working with Jacob to get this done as fast as possible. You can bookmark this page for later: http://www.tildehash.com/cinelerra/

It’s not done yet, but that’ll be the pages URL. I’ll try to get http://cinelerra.tildehash.com/ if he’ll let me have that. Thanks everyone for following me.


Open letter to Nexon

제발 한국을 읽고 아래로 스크롤합니다.

Hello, my name is Jacob Lludkrab, I am an advocate for Free Software.

I am writing in hopes that this letter might reach the Combat Arms developers, or those in charge of the licensing of Combat Arms. Will you please forward it to the appropriate recipients?

Nexon having developed in part “Counter-Strike: Online”, have knowledge of the GoldSrc engine, which is based on id Software’s Quake engine. With this recent history of gaming engines, the developers must be aware of the decision by id Software to license the Quake engine under the GNU GPL. I am proposing the developers and those in charge of licensing consider making the same decision. As Combat Arms licensed under the GNU GPL would benefit Nexon greatly in the long term.

The Combat Arms developers and the large number of those whom play the game are well aware of the problem facing Combat Arms right now, and that has faced Combat Arms through the course of its history; those referred to as “hackers”.

"Hackers" more often than not are people simply modifying the binaries for the game to exploit a simple design flaw in the program. And this is easily fixed. But as demonstrated after each fix, one design flaw fixed either opens another, or simply adds a road block to the exploit. And the exploit remains, and the "hackers" continue to disturb the games well perception.

Combat Arms licensed under the GPL, and with the source code visible, you would have people whom have knowledge of how the exploit works be able to fix it, and the other exploits down the road. You may be aware of the term used for this “more eyes means better security.”

And this is just one of the benefits.

Another being that with the source code available the game may be “forked” in order to make it cross-platform. Many people are calling for a Combat Arms version for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, and what I’ve seen from how the game executes (via WINE, and partial reverse-engineering), this would be an easy task as well.

Cross-platform games are of a limited quantity. Taking advantage of this relatively unexplored area can only be good for Nexon. While Combat Arms is up against games like the greatly successful games from id Software such as Quake, Doom, Enemy Territory, and others, Combat Arms is only available for Microsoft Windows, while the games mentioned are also available for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and other Unix-like operating systems.

Combat Arms is also competing with other gratis (free as in price) games like the Battlefield Heroes, BlackShot, CrossFire, and others, which are only available for Microsoft Windows as well. Therefore if cross-platform can be achieved by releasing the source code under the GNU GPL, Nexon can successfully take advantage of gamers on other platforms that other game developers currently don’t.

With Nexon developing Combat Arms, and WarRock, Nexon is basically leading in the gratis FPS (first person shooter) gaming area on the Windows platform, but not on any other platform, but Nexon could easily come to lead on other platforms by simply liberating Combat Arms, WarRock, and HackShield by licensing them under the GNU GPL, and therefore becoming Free Software.

Please reconsider your licensing, even if only for Nexon’s benefit.



안녕하세요, 제 이름은 야곱이 Lludkrab, 나는 자유 소프트웨어에 대한 옹호입니다.

난 희망이 편지 컴뱃 암즈 개발자, 또는 그 컴뱃 암즈의 라이선스 요금에 도달할 수 있기 때문에 쓰고 있어요. 앞으로 제발 그것을 적절한받는가?

넥슨의 일부는 “카운터 스트라이크 : 온라인”로, id Software의 퀘이크 엔진을 기반으로 GoldSrc 엔진의 지식을 가지고 개발하는 데. 게임 엔진이 최근의 역사를 가진 개발자가 id Software의에 의해 결정은 GNU GPL 아래 퀘이크 엔진의 라이센스를 알고 있어야합니다. 내가 개발자의 제안은 오전과 라이선싱 담당 동일한 의사 결정을 고려하십시오. 마찬가지로 컴뱃 암즈은 GNU GPL 아래 크게 장기적으로 이익이 될 넥슨 라이센스.

컴뱃 암즈 개발자들을 대상 경기 중 많은 수의 문제가 아니라 지금 컴뱃 암즈에 직면 알고있습니다, 그리고 그 역사의 과정을 통해 컴뱃 암즈에 직면하고있다, 이들에게 “해커라고도”.

"해커"보다 더 자주는 아니지만 사람들이 단순히 프로그램의 심플한 디자인의 결함을 악용하는 게임에 대한 바이너리를 수정합니다. 그리고이 쉽게 고정됩니다. 하지만 각 고친 후, 하나의 디자인 결함을 수정하거나 다른, 또는 단순히 악용하는 도로가 블록을 추가합니다 열립니다 시연했다. 그리고, 그리고 "해커"여전히 잘 인식 게임을 계속 방해을 악용.

컴뱃 암즈 GPL 하에서 허가된, 그리고 소스 코드를 볼 수와 함께, 당신은 누구의 작품이 어떻게 그것을 고칠 수있을 거에요, 그리고 길 아래에있는 다른 악성 코드 공격의 지식을 가진 사람도있다. 당신이 용어는이 “더 많은 눈을 사용하는 분도 계시 겠지만 더 나은 보안을 의미합니다.”

그리고 이것은 바로 하나의 장점 중 하나입니다.

소스 코드와 함께 게임을 제공하기 위해서는 그것을 크로스 플랫폼으로 만드는 또 하나는 “갈래”되고있을 수있습니다. 많은 사람은 GNU에 대한 컴뱃 암즈 버전에 대한 전화 / 리눅스와 맥 OS X, 그리고 무엇을 어떻게 게임을 와인 (및 일부 리버스 엔지니어링)를 통해 실행에서 본 적이있는이 쉬운 작업이 잘 될 것이다.

크로스 플랫폼 게임 한정 수량입니다. 이 상대적으로 미개척 지역의 이점을받는 유일한 넥슨 좋은 수있습니다. 반 면 게임을 언급 또한, GNU / 리눅스, 맥 OS를 사용할 수있습니다 반면 컴뱃 암즈 퀘이크, 둠, 에너미 테리토리, 다른 소프트웨어와 같은 id를, 컴뱃 암즈 Microsoft Windows 용에서만 사용할 수있습니다에서 크게 성공한 게임과 같은 게임에 대한 최대입니다 X 및 다른 유닉스 운영 체제와 같은.

컴뱃 암즈 또한 다른 무료로 (가격)을 전장 영웅, BlackShot, 크로스 파이어, 그리고 다른에만 Microsoft Windows 용뿐만 아니라 사용할 수있습니다와 같은 게임을 무료로 경쟁하고있다. 따라서 교차 플랫폼은 GNU GPL 아래 소스 코드를 공개함으로써 달성될 수있다, 넥슨 성공적으로 게이머의 다른 게임 개발자가 현재 존재하지 않는 다른 플랫폼에서 활용할 수있습니다.

넥 슨, 그리고 Warrock 컴뱃 암즈의 개발과 함께, 넥슨은 기본적으로 무료 FPS 게임 윈도우 플랫폼에서 (1 인칭 슈팅) 게임 분야가 아니라 다른 플랫폼에 최고이지만, 넥슨 쉽게 다른 플랫폼에 단순히 해방 전투에 의해 이끌어 올 수 팔, Warrock, 그리고 HackShield GNU GPL 하에서 그들이 라이센스에 의해, 따라서 자유 소프트웨어가되었다.

제발, 넥슨의 이익만을위한 경우에도 귀하의 라이센스를 재고해.


Rename GIMP

With the up coming release of GIMP 3.0, I think that GIMP should be renamed to simply “Wilber.” Though it would no longer be an acronym for “GNU Image Manipulation Program”, but it would totally eliminate any possibly offensive terminology in exchange for a name everyone can love, especially the young, and it would give GIMP a chance at the big times.

It only makes sense for GIMP 3.0 to be the version for a name change. With new exciting features, polished UI, and a name like Wilber. “GIMP” could go far.

Commercial industries would be willing to pick it up and use it without worrying about something as simple as the name offending people, or sounding unprofessional. CinePaint does okay in that area, granted it does have a few good features for professional image and video editing over GIMP, but the name didn’t hold it back, and that’s what GIMP needs right now.

To really develop faster, GIMP needs the big guys using it, and contributing to it, right now most of them won’t even touch it, let alone contribute to it.

Does anyone want to second a GIMP rename for 3.0?

Fullscreen flash video in GNU/Linux

First, if you are unfamiliar with the problem, go to YouTube, pick any video, and double-click on the video, or click on the little fullscreen icon, and you’ll see that the video begins to get really slow, and choppy, from dropping frames.

If you continue to move your mouse, so that the flash player doesn’t go idle, the video will continue to play, but really slow, and choppy. Stop moving your mouse, letting the flash player fade the controls, and start moving your mouse again, the video will almost completely stop, and Firefox will start using an ungodly amount of CPU.

So get out of the fullscreen view, by pressing “Esc” for a few seconds, and when ever the video shows another frame. Stop the video, but leave the page open, I’ll explain why a below.

Now, go to Vimeo (www.vimeo.com) pick any random video, and click on the little fullscreen icon. You should see the video play niiiiiiiicccce and smooth, provided you have hardware capable of playing fullscreen flash video under any operating system. So get out of the fullscreen view, by pressing “Esc”. Stop the video, but leave the page open, I’ll explain why a below.

Now go to your /tmp/ directory, right click on the file in that directory that starts with “Flash” and followed by random letters and numbers, it’d look something like this “FlashNMm6mO”, make sure it’s the one from YouTube, and then click on “Properties” or something to that effect depending on whether you’re using GNOME, KDE, or Xfce, on Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. In “Properties” click “Audio/Video” or something to that effect, like Metadata, or Info.

Here’s what I think is causing the problem. You will see that the Codec is always “H.264/AVC Video”, and that’s it, H.264 is probably not supported enough in GNU/Linux for efficient playback. Also a lot of chips have H.264 acceleration, which might also not be supported enough in GNU/Linux for efficient playback.

In the /tmp/ directory, right click on the file in that directory that starts with “Flash” and followed by random letters and numbers, it’d look something like this “FlashV09H2h”, make sure it’s the one from Vimeo, and then click on “Properties”, In “Properties” click “Audio/Video”, blah, blah, blah.

You will see that the Codec is, whatever, it can be “H.264/AVC Video” or “On2 VP6 Video”. And On2 is the same company that released what we now call Ogg into the Public Domain, videos in “On2 VP6 Video” play nice and smooth, like my video here, videos in “H.264/AVC Video” play but still a little choppy.

In conclusion, it is likely a H.264 problem, with the added effect of the badly scripted YouTube flash player. That being said, Google intends to buy On2 for 106.5 million dollars, so maybe YouTube will gain the same quality video playback that Vimeo currently has.

BROWN?! Brown? Really, Ubuntu’s Brown?



I can not believe how many people think Ubuntu’s brown, Ubuntu is not brown! It’s ORANGE!

Go ahead, if you’re running Ubuntu right now, open Nautilus and compare the title-bar color to the different shades of orange to the left.

Different shades of orange do look brown, I’ll give you that, but, more lighter shades of orange are used in Ubuntu than the darker ones. Here are a few examples.

Nautilus at any given time will have more orange than any other color, excluding white and gray.

The Ubuntu logo. Here we have two shades of orange, and one dark shade of a reddish-orange. Some would say that there is a shade of yellow in there, well, it’s more of a very light orange, or yellowish-orange, but it’s still orange.


Normally used for updates, also orange. For critical updates it’s a red arrow pointing down, with an exclamation point on it.

A few Ubuntu icons. The folder there is orange, the SD card or floppy there is orange, same as the CD label.

And here are a few shades of brown…

So yeah, Ubuntu, definitely not brown.

I hope you all’ve learned a valuable lesson, which is: orange is different than brown, and Ubuntu is orange.

Some wallpapers included in Ubuntu are brown, but, the wallpapers don’t make the distribution.

Thank you.

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